Your website needs ongoing care to ensure it meets the demands of fast changing technology. Just as an iceberg is only partially visual to its observers, we are here to make sure what’s underneath your website remains up-to-date.

Our customer support and maintenance is second to none. When you call, our team will answer. We take pride in responsive, top-notch customer service that is backed by secure and reliable website hosting.

Protect your digital business investment

Low quality hosting means that your website won’t work as well as it should – it might go offline unexpectedly, and react slowly to visitors.

With GWS/AWS/OVH/Azure, you can have a website designed, developed and hosted all under one roof. We can also host and maintain your existing website that’s been developed elsewhere.

We also offer web maintenance contracts so that you can benefit from our development expertise at an affordable hourly rate to ensure that your digital asset is well cared for.

FAQs relating to Website Hosting which would help you, Here are Your Answers!

Here are the answers to Professional Web hosting can optimize your website for the best performance
What is a web hosting service?

A web hosting service stores your website data, allowing you to run your website on the internet. A web hosting service provider provides you with the right technology and server to host your website. It is this server that displays your webpage on the browser when a user clicks on your URL.

How should I choose a hosting plan for my website?

If you’re a newbie, it is advisable to consult a hosting provider or your website development company. There are numerous web hosting plans available such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. Depending on your website requirements, you can choose one. If you are not sure about what plan to go for, we can help. Contact us now.

I already have a website but can I move it to your web hosting service?

Yes, you can. We offer free website relocation services. You can share your existing website files with us through CPanel or via an FTP client. Our support team will help you with the transition.

Which is the cheapest hosting plan you offer?

If you’re looking for a cheaper hosting plan, shared hosting will fit within your budget. Shared hosting is a good option for anybody who is launching a small website as well as for startups. You can move your website to dedicated hosting as your business grows.

Who needs a dedicated hosting plan?

A dedicated hosting plan is a must-have, if:

  • You have a high traffic website
  • You are more concerned about security
  • You need a fast loading website
  • Your website is at risk of hacking and cyber attacks
Why should I choose cloud hosting?

Moving to the cloud can provide you with a lot of benefits including cost-efficiency and increased uptime. You don’t even have to worry about security as you are secure from the data, network, and the application ends. Scalability and disaster recovery are a breeze and you can access your data from anywhere in the world. This helps increase collaboration among employees.

IMAP or POP3 - which protocol should I choose for email hosting?

Both are meant for different purposes. So, you can choose them depending on how you access your emails. IMAP is a better option if you use your email on multiple devices like computers and smartphones. With IMAP, you don’t have to worry about losing your emails as the originals are saved on your server.

On the other hand, you can choose POP3 if you use your email on a dedicated device, for example, your office computer. POP3 allows you to access emails even when you are offline. Here, your email is stored locally on your device unless you configure it on a server.

Why choose Livezen Technolgies for web hosting services in Dubai?

Web hosting comes with its own set of challenges. From choosing the right hosting plan for your website to managing server and email hosting, everything needs expert support. We are one of the few hosting providers in Dubai, UAE to offer services from Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, Google and other leading solutions. This is to ensure that our clients get the best in terms of security and performance. We always offer scalable plans to our clients with a 99% uptime guarantee and 24-hour backup support.


The scope of website maintenance varies based on your needs. For some clients, we just manage the technical maintenance, whereas for others we help with content, design updates, and improvements to their site’s ability to attract and engage users.


Maintenance is not a one-time task and should occur on a regular, recurring schedule. Depending on the size and stakes of the site, basic maintenance may take anywhere from 2-20 hours. That work can be scheduled weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.