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Our digital marketing company specializes in developing high-converting marketing campaigns that let you meet your ideal customers, improve your conversion rate, outrank the competitors, and 10X your online sales.

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Digital Marketing Services to 10X Your Conversion Rate

Our digital marketing services create a data-driven, well-researched, user-centric marketing strategy. We aim to enhance your local & global reach, scales up the engagement rate, wins customer loyalty, and optimizes conversion all within your budget.

Have Doubts About Partnering With Our Result-Driven Digital Marketing Agency? Here are Your Answers!

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our digital marketing services.
Why Do I Need Digital Marketing Services For My Website?

Digital marketing services help you grow your business faster by connecting you to your ideal customer, and improving your brand’s online visibility. Moreover, here are a few reasons why you should go for digital marketing:

Expand Your Business Reach: Digital marketing services make your business more visible and accessible to a wider range of potential consumers who are actively searching for products/services in your industry. It provides versatility to market your brand via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertising across all digital channels

Improve Your Customer Relationship: It fosters superior customer relationships essential for your business growth. It helps you understand your customer and establish two-way communication with your customers, unlike one-way communication in traditional channels.

Save marketing Costs and Improve ROI: It is comparatively less expensive than traditional marketing as it allows continually evaluating the performance of your campaigns and re-work strategies and putting the resources toward the right projects.

Help You Gain Competitive Edge: It delivers analytics services that help you track and monitor your business performance and help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

How Much Does Full-Fledged Digital Marketing Cost?

Our digital marketing agency understands that not all businesses are of equal competence and structure, and this is why we have affordable and variant digital marketing services packages for businesses of all scales & types. We are mindful of your budget and would only suggest effective digital marketing solutions that work best for your business. Our only goal is to see you achieve desired dividends.

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Would You Define Your Agency’s Process In Meeting Our Marketing Goals?

Our digital marketing service experts put together a custom digital marketing solutions & strategies that is relatable to your brand goals and helps you meet realistic conversions. Our whole sole purpose is to leverage inbound marketing methods & tools in a way you open streams to attract more visitors, potential leads & eventually lifelong customers.

Our digital marketing agency doesn’t just write the content, force-fit the keywords, or run paid ads for the sake of doing so. We lay a strong foundation to address your audience’s pain points, their wants, identify actionable keyword opportunities, your competitors’ strong areas & help you bet on content types that recognize your brand as the best solution to users’ queries.

We follow the combination of paid PPC & organic SEO & keep on optimizing content to make it worthy of ranking higher in SERP & gain amazing backlinks from top-notch thought leaders around your business. Unlike other digital marketing companies our digital marketing agency has a solid marketing framework around:

  • SEO – organic search optimization for higher ranking, traffic & backlinks
  • PPC – pay-per-click advertising to secure faster rankings & brand outreach
  • Content marketing to provide valuable, user-centric content & help them take customer action
  • Email marketing to keep consistent communications between your business & your potential or existing customers
  • Social media marketing to expand your brand awareness & leverage social commerce
  • Video production & marketing to show & tell your brand’s true notions
  • Conversion rate optimization – A/B Testing, Link building, CTA
  • Infographic & visuals designing for digital & social media channels
  • Marketing automation – lead pipeline management & conversion
  • Public relations, influencer marketing, lead nurturing

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What Was Your Digital Marketing Firm’s Track Record With Past Clientele?

Livezen Technologies has been delivering 100% result-oriented digital marketing services ever since the digital wave became predominant. Our digital marketing agency has a reputation of working with dedicated small & even competitive popular big establishments, where some needed multichannel marketing push from the bottom, while others needed few fixes until desired numbers around lead generation, customer acquisition, brand reach were visible.

In a nutshell, our adaptability, professionalism, and yearning for applying original, custom & budgeted digital marketing solutions have worked for our past clients. As experienced digital marketing services providers, we have helped them achieve the numbers, ROIs they expected from us.

To see a glimpse of our digital marketing company’s dedication & competence, slide here into our popular case studies!

To What Extent Will Your Digital Marketing Agency Work With Our Team?

Our digital marketing experts will work as an extension of your sales, IT, marketing (if any), customer support, and other key departments. We will deploy our best of our talents to understand the scope of the project, your business, its products & your customers’ expectations. We will get involved in every process that will let us know the real you and help us create marketing messaging & collaterals that inflict your true brand voice. “We are not one of those digital marketing agencies that forwards you random marketing action plans from previous projects, we draw custom plans based on your unique goals.”

Our digital marketing services agency will deploy our full-suite digital marketing experts in your way as:

  • Marketing leads for planning & execution
  • Senior business/digital marketing consultants to manage & track project progress
  • Senior SEO executives to bring their A-game for link building, traffic & ranking
  • Content Strategists, editors, copywriters
  • Web developer to optimize the website for more leads (if required)
  • Graphic designers for marketing creatives
  • Videographer for strategizing, creating & marketing impeccable engagement

In the end, our digital marketing service company won’t move from the site until your results are visible and you are satisfied with them! Whether you need digital marketing for IT companies or eCommerce, we are all ears.

What Are All Digital Marketing Services Your Digital Marketing Company Provides?

Our digital marketing agency provides robust digital marketing services that provide you with everything that your business needs to establish and grow digitally. But specifically, our digital marketing services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google & Bing PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Amazon Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
How Do You Measure The Success Of The Marketing Collaterals Or Campaigns You Implement?

Our digital marketing agency identifies certain KPIs for each marketing tactic that we as a proven digital marketing service provider deploy. We have certain metrics or parameters that define the effectiveness of the results in tangible numerics. Here are the certain metrics we gauge to measure your online marketing performance:

  • First visit metric – To know how first-time users are finding your web & engaging with it
  • Brand awareness metric –To know how people are reacting to your brand name over social media & search engines
  • Returning visitor metric – To know how many real visitors are forming as potential audience & then lifetime customers
  • Web traffic sources –To know what traffic sources are doing well in bringing your prospects
  • Return on marketing investment – To ensure that your campaigns are always generating more than what’s invested
  • Online lead & conversions rate – To know what marketing campaign acted in your favor & brought enticing leads & conversions
  • Click Through rate – To know how many clicks your ad campaigns received

Other than these, our digital marketing company has hundreds of digital marketing metrics to calculate to carefully monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns & investment, and help your business grow based on data-driven insights!

When Will Our Company Start Seeing Results?

“Firstly, beware of the digital marketing agencies or digital marketing companies that promise you exclusive outreach & ROI in a few weeks or in any short span of time.”

When you partner with a professional digital marketing services provider like us, expect that inbound marketing is a long-haul investment that takes time to yield expected results. It takes time for marketing to show impactful returns on what you invest. Generally within:

First 6-8 months –You will start seeing positive results, continuously growing each month.

The next 12-24 months –You will start seeing tangible results you desire such as ranking, traffic increase, lead generation, customer acquisition.

The efforts, tools & mindset we put within your digital marketing strategy are all data-driven and have a big-time potential of creating a positive impact on your business, its sales & overall brand outreach.

For what reason do I have to do analysis?

Analysis mentions to you what you are doing well and what you are fouling up. What works and what doesnʼt work in all features of your marketing, from web based life to substance and email marketing. In the event that you are not estimating it, you are speculating.

We are a small team, what amount time do I have to devote to this?

It is an extraordinary rundown, they are a ton of tools and numerous errands. Yet, as most tools, utilizing analytics and estimation requires a little setup time, somewhat more time to figure out how to utilize them, however then it just takes a couple of moments daily to restore an incredible worth.