Provide Personalized Attention To Clients with Best Law Firm Websites Designs!

Let’s together create a lean, clean, and highly functional law firm website design that schedules clients’ consultation hours, serves them their legal rights & limitations and:

  • Differentiates your comprehensive legal services from the crowd by highlighting your innovative & optimal approaches to solving any legal issues.
  • Reflects your punctuality, trust & quality while counseling individual clients or corporates around legislative acts, judicial practices, or any legal dispute.

Get Upbeat Nonprofit Website Design for “Your Every Business Process”

What All Are Your Core Business Processes! We Can Help Highlighting Them!
Do you have a mission to feed the homeless, preach the gospels, manage the association of businesses, or bring sustainable development via generous donations & funding? We can help you in every aspect via intuitive, compassionate, and simply provide you the best website design for nonprofits & applications.

We Prepare Law Firm Website Designs of Any Scale & Purpose!

Looking for small law firm websites to win heavy consultation requests & brand outreach? Or Are you an enterprise-level law firm or advocate looking for a connected lawyer website for winning large corporate consultation & client arbitration/representation in a court of law? Our law firm website development company can help your legal business of any scale, size, dealings evolve from just an “idea” into a remarkable “digital product” that brings desired business from personal/corporate clients via technical solutions as follow:

Small or Mid-Size Law Firm Business

We have next-level small law firm website design solutions for evolving legal establishments like you, which includes:
  • Small Scale Best Law Firm website Designing (with popular CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, website hosting)
  • PHP Web Application Development, Secure Mobile Website Development
  • Graphics, Content Marketing, Branding.

Enterprise-Level Law Firm Business

We have smart, integrated & secure big scale law firm web design solutions for corporate-level enterprises like you, which includes:
  • Enterprise CRM Solutions (with open source CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, & more)
  • Cloud Implementation solutions with AWS, Azure, Salesforce, Google Cloud)
  • Web App Development (built on Java, DotNet, Nod.js, PHP, Salesforce, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Law firm Website Designs

Here’s all information you should have to get started with our best Law Firm Website Design, Lawyer Websites, or Attorney Website Company!!!
Why should law firms or individual attorneys have professional websites?

By having a professional, meaningful, and law firm website design with our result-driven law websites design company, you can:

  • Share information about who you are, what services you offer, your complete authentic story, and contact details on which your clients would want to reach out for actual help.
  • Get a scope to sound better than other competitors. Your personalized website will have exemplary design & features along with your UVP that sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Build a legal brand. A website with rich visuals, insightful content, and SEO compliance will reach online visitors looking for some legal advice or help. You can win quality customers who would want to hire your services. It will be like your business card telling people your business attributes all across any geographical boundary.

So no matter if you are an individual attorney, advocate, solicitor looking for a personal portfolio or a renowned legal firm looking for integrated CMS websites, our law firm website design company can help you build a digital brand from scratch!

How much does a law firm website design costs?

LiveZen offers customized law firm website design plans that suit your cost expectations & your end objectives. We have quite affordable yet best law firm website design, lawyer websites, or attorney website templates, all based on your business size, custom requirements & budget. The cost depends on the size of the project you bring to us, like what next-level features, functions, & endless capacities you would like to include. If you want to win desired negotiations, we suggest taking our marketing services along to push your website to the right target market. The best thing is, our law firm website design company doesn’t charge any hidden fees in the process. So, you only pay for what you see! If looking for free consultation & cost from our legal website design company, request a callback!

Do you give law firm website design website development companies free consultation?

Yes, we offer a free consultation for every law firm’s website development project. We deploy our team of seasoned Project Heads, Designers, Researchers, and Marketers to evaluate your uncommon, custom law firm website design solution needs for free. Our legal websites design company knows how to explore your requirements & suggests you some best law firm website designs that fit your specific budget & ultimate client capturing goals. Our law firm website development services take your consultation part extremely seriously to provide you with best legal design solutions.

What features legal websites design should have to look authentic?

The legal industry is quite competitive. Thereby, it’s very important for your legal firm to stand out, in order to deliver exceptional quality services. Here are the few key elements your websites must have to convince your clientele that you have everything to take their case & win.

  • Get decided on an enticing logo & law firm name design, as it will be a key branding element that will help you get recognized from a distance & in the crowd.
  • Identify your brand theme, and colors – To appear distinct from contemporary law businesses.
  • List your achievement & practice areas – This will help you reflect on your skills & potential & help the would-be client understand your stronger suit.
  • List all services – You can plan separate pages for each of your services, stressing how you do it better than the rest & what benefits your clients can get from you. Your services could be anything such as – Wills, trust & estate planning, real estate law, incorporation & business law, medical law, and so many other areas that you deal with as a law firm or individual attorney or advocate.
  • Have simple scroll contact forms – where clients could schedule a detailed meeting with you on your case.
  • Use effective & persuasive CTAs – Having multiple CTAs at important touchpoints can convince the would-be client to contact your services, and schedule a meeting or legal consultation.
  • Certification or legal accreditation from higher bodies – Add your certifications, awards, or any accreditation your law firm achieved.
  • Testimonials or top clients – Add about the top clients, firms you worked with, and their reviews about your company.

Our law firm web design company can help you pull out every functional feature that can bring you long-term clients and profits.


Do you use pre-made best law firm websites templates?

No, we do not. We don’t let you go away with pre-made templates that everyone’s using. We do 100% custom law firm website designing over HTML-based, CMS-based platforms like WordPress as per your industry standards & your business & its customer’s taste. We let you walk out with 1000% unique law firm website designs, lawyer websites, or attorney websites that you can set a competitive edge with & feel proud of.

What type of Law firm or lawyer websites design projects you cover?

We extend professional law firm web design solutions to any type of lawyer, attorney, or law firm dealing in providing legal advice to their clients, explaining their rights & liabilities, and representing them in the matter of business transactions, civil, criminal law, intellectual properties, real estate, taxation, business incorporation/transactions & more where legal assistance is exchanged between a law firm & client. We often get inquiries around law firm website design, lawyer websites, or attorney website projects from law firms/lawyers dealing in:

  • Estate Planning
  • Personal Injury
  • Intellectual property
  • Bankruptcy & dissolution
  • Employment law
  • Corporate law
  • Criminal law
  • Medical law
  • Immigration law
  • Trial/tax attorneys
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Intellectual property attorneys who expertize in patents, trademarks & copyrights
  • And more!

Do you have legal websites, lawyer websites, or attorney websites design projects from above or any other specific category? Whether you need individual lawyer websites, attorney websites, or the best law firm websites, we can help you inflate every need with the best legal website design solutions, at any budget your enterprise suggests!